Aspen Printing Company

High quality, fast turn around, on time delivery from a local, family owned and operated business.

For years, the only way to find Aspen Printing was through word of mouth from others involved in advertising, marketing and graphic design.  While that has always been the most sincere way of marketing and has earned us an outstanding reputation, we have decided to put our presence on the web to give you an idea of what Aspen Printing is all about.  We won’t bore you with how many awards we have won or what kind of presses we use. You are not going to get a lot of fluff here, no sales pitch, no high powered word spinning.  What you have found is a place of honesty, integrity, quality, performance and value.   If you are looking for a printer, in the Albuquerque, NM area stop and give us a few minutes of your time. Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business.


When a client walks in to our print shop with an idea, a picture in their head of the perfect print job, one that is going to say something special, it is our job to bring that idea to reality.  Does it matter what type of press the job is run on?  Does it matter what type of plate processing equipment we use?  Do you really care about all the behind the scenes management that takes place?  Does it matter that our years of experience will help you avoid the printing pitfalls?  Well yes, actually that part matters a lot.  But the other stuff, really?   What matters is we get it right the first time with no headaches, no reprints, no problems at the price we said in the time we agree.

Does that make us different?  You decide.

Art or Science

Photo: © 2014  Nerds Photos , LLC  Via Nerds Limited

Photo: © 2014 Nerds Photos, LLC Via Nerds Limited

While the science of printing has progressed by enormous leaps over the centuries the physical act of laying ink down on paper is still more art then science. Today’s offset presses are technological marvels, built with such close tolerances they rival the precision of a fine watch.  The pneumatics, hydraulics,  electronics, combined with computers, color sensors, automatic plate hangers, ink dryers and so on make it much easier to set up a job.  The finished product though is always a recipe of human decisions.  Pressmen have to diligently watch for color variations, dust particles, proper water and ink balance, smooth paper feeding.  Pre-press has to properly lay the job out to the designated press.  Pagination needs to be correct to set the signatures properly.  Gutters need to be placed to account for cutting and bleeds.  The cutter needs to pay attention to marks and ink offsetting.  The folder needs to make sure the rollers are not scuffing.  Printing is not exact.  It is truly more art than science.   You must be able to trust, understand and create a working relationship with your printer.  The experience and knowledge to deliver a beautiful finished product is why people come to Aspen and why people stay with Aspen. 

Digital or Offset?

Advancing digital technology provides the ability to process a high quality color print job at competitive prices.  The advantages of digital are clear for small quantity print jobs, extremely fast turn around and variable data projects.  In January of 2016 we decided to partner with Heidelberg to expand our ability to provide the best quality print options to our customers.  Our Heidelberg Linoprint CV70 digital printer produces the closest comparison to offset printing we have found.  The Heidelberg CV70 is state of the art technology generating outstanding 4 color printing plus white and clear to create a special look.